It’s 2023, let’s not shy away from budget discussions!

I want every couple whether they are a DGE couple or not to fully understand the cost of planning a wedding before they get into planning! It’s not enough to Google the average costs because it is a huge range and are not based on actual invoices. I’ve taken numbers from our actual invoices from all the weddings we did in 2022 and the start of 2023 to give you the real average spend of each couple. This will give you an idea of what it’s actually going to cost you if you go in the direction of no buffet, full service bar, no DIY, family style or plated meals, etc.!

The cost of a wedding can drastically vary based on a number of factors. The guest count, the day of the week, the venue, the type of vendors you book. We wish we could give you a straight answer so instead we’ve broken it down for you!

What should you comfortably spend on a wedding in austin, texas, for 150+ guests?

$65,000 – $75,000

$70,000 – $100,000+

Don’t let this discourage you! Could we do an 150 person wedding for $50,000-$60,000? Yes, absolutely! There are just sacrifices you’ll have to make and that’s okay!

estimated range of vendor costs

Venue Average Cost $8,000 for a Saturday | A weekend wedding is going to be more expensive than a weekday wedding, and time of year plays a big part in that as well. To maximize this budget, we recommend looking for a venue that has inclusive options such as, chairs, tables, getting ready suites, ceremony spaces (indoor and outdoor), multiple reception locations, etc. The less you have to rent and bring in the better to maximize your budget!

Catering Average Cost for Family Style or Plated Meals $20,000+ | A breakdown for this average cost is roughly $75-$100 per person and the above average would include rentals, bar service, and food costs. Food is one of the most significant expenses at every wedding especially for venues that require a full service catering company. The full service catering companies will set up and breakdown the furniture, bring you a full service wait staff for the entire event, and remove all trash. They also work with rental companies to provide all of the chinaware, glassware, linens, napkins, etc. They setup the bar, beverage stations, food stations, and all of your rentals if they provide them. Catering is certainly not one to nickel and dime here!

Photography Average Cost for 8 Hours $5,000 | Your photographer is certainly worth the thousands of dollars especially when your photos will be with you for a lifetime! Photos are priceless. They are art pieces, they hold emotions, and memories. The cost of a photographer is not just capturing your wedding day, it’s the hours of work that goes into the logistics before your wedding day, visiting your venue, meeting with you several times to manage your details and your aesthetics, working closely with your wedding planner. Once your wedding day comes around they are usually on site 8-10 hours depending in your contract with a second shooter! Then there is the countless hours of editing after your big day. A picture and the thousands of pictures you’ll be getting is worth a thousand words.

Florals Average Cost $6,000 | As soon as couples get engaged they will immediately go to Pinterest to scope of the most eye grabbing and beautiful arrangements and floral decor for their big day. Florals should be one of the first items that go into your budget because they are oftentimes the center of everything! They are at your ceremony, on your tables, used for your decor, and are the focus of your design usually. Factoring in florals is also factoring that fact that florals are created by artists (florists), they include designing your day, candles, candle holders, vases, compotes, etc., they create special recipes for each client, process flowers, have specialized software to itemize everything, and will work extremely close to your planner. Florists are remarkable vendors and help tremendously in the design process of a wedding!

Wedding Insurance Average $200 | This is relatively self explanatory, but if you are working with a venue or a wedding planner they will likely require you to have wedding insurance, typically it’s a 1,000,000,000 policy. Having insurance is key, your wedding is a huge investment and should be protected the same way you protect your house, car, etc. We always recommend Wedsure to our clients!

Wedding Planner Average Cost $5,500 | We are bias but we 100% do not think you should skimp out on a wedding planner! We have heard from our couples time and time again that not only did we make the process stress free, but we also saved our couples money! Can you imagine?! The reason we can save you money is because we know the right questions to ask, we know what to keep on a proposal and what to take off and get elsewhere, we know that based on your guest count, and your venue cost what you should spend your money on and what you can save on! We are more than just keeping you organized and your event running smoothly, we are experts in the industry and can help you navigate everything that comes your way. We also pay for sophisticated software to keep the process running smoothly to give you the best experience possible. Our team are also experts in the design aspect and will put together a beautiful deck that will show you everything from the welcome table-the end of the night! We are on site for your 1 hour rehearsal, 10-12 hours on the day of your wedding, and will be there to reconcile the day after with your vendors!

Here are some more average breakdowns that we would love to expand of if you want to inquire!

Band: $8k – $15k | DJ: $1500 – $3k | Cake or Desserts: $800 – $1500 | Bridal Hair & Make-Up: $400 | Attendant Hair & Make-Up: $250 – $500| Lighting: $2k – $4k| Full Service Bar Average Cost $1800 – $2300 | Decor Rentals Average Cost $4,000

We’ve officially opened our books for 2024 and are ready to get those weddings perfectly budgeted, planned, and designed! Fill out our contact form to inquire, we’d love to plan for you!

Whatever you decide your budget can be, we will be here to help you every step of the way!

-DGE Team

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