My name is Samantha and I was a DGE 2023 bride! My husband and I live in Dallas but we had chosen to get married in Austin. While not SO far away, it was still a good three hours. I knew I was going to need some help, especially with locating vendors. While social media is a great tool, nothing is better than human contact and real life relationships.

Every bride wants their wedding to be perfect, but I definitely had some extra pressure. 95% of my guests came from New York. The other 5% came from Dallas, so still a ways to go. Not only are my guests spending money on gifts and clothing but they are staying at hotels, flying on airplanes, and relying on us for what to do upon arrival. I needed our wedding to also be their vacation that was well worth it. I am originally from New York and my husband is from Texas. This needed to be the best mash up of NY Chic and TX Charm. Details were important.

I interviewed some planners, but I was not finding the confidence I needed in a long distance bride/planner relationship. I finally connected with Jordan and before we even spoke, I appreciated the communication and organization I was already seeing in preparation for our meeting. From the first call, she asked me way more questions about not only what I wanted for this wedding but seemed genuinely interested in getting to know Toby and me. She paid attention to the little details and I could see she was taking notes. We were speaking through a computer screen but she quickly gained my trust and I knew that I could comfortably plan my wedding from Dallas.

The entire process felt like I was planning my wedding with a friend. Wedding planners are a couple’s biggest cheerleaders! I knew for the most part what I wanted and Jordan was extremely supportive of all my ideas. If an idea couldn’t work, she found a way to make it better. I definitely wanted to be involved throughout. This was so much fun to me, but I knew hiring Della Grace Events, I would need to let them do their thing. Which was actually so easy to do because Jordan heard me and my thoughts, always keeping an open conversation. She emailed me, she texted me, and spoke on the phone when needed. Never feeling forgotten or put on the back burner.

Fast forward to my wedding day, everything went perfect. If something went wrong, I definitely did not notice. Every single thing went how I imagined it. The Della Grace Events process works and is entirely unique to others in the industry. Meeting the other DGE girls, I saw that they all shared the amazing characteristics I initially found in Jordan. I always felt like they went above and beyond and I thought,” wait is this much help actually included”? Almost felt too good to be true, but it was! So true, that I remain incredibly inspired by this team! After months of missing the joy that I had during planning, I wanted to help them, help all of you future DGE couples! The only thing better than seeing my dreams come true, is to contribute to making yours true too.
I am honored to share that I have joined DGE as their newest Executive Designer and Planner. I cannot wait to help plan your wedding the same exact way Della Grace Events helped me with mine.

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