The number one thing we get asked about a few days before the wedding is how much to tip vendors! We highly recommend budgeting gratuity + tips early on so that it’s on your radar throughout your planning process.

When deciding who should receive a gratuity at your wedding, follow the standards of everyday life!  If you tip them at a salon or restaurant, you’ll tip them at a wedding.  Otherwise, tipping is optional and all based on what you can afford. But when clients elect to provide gratuity, here is what we typically see!

Some Notes On Tipping: 

  • Please feel free to tip as you see fit. It’s not always the dollar amount that matters, it is often just the thought that makes your vendors feel appreciated.These are really just our suggestions, solely based on what we normally see vendors getting tipped in our Area.

  • Cash is usually the preferred method of tipping. We ask you to please place each vendor’s tip in a separate and sealed envelopes.

  • Don’t forget to write a review or a handwritten thank you note. Your words of affirmation mean the world to your vendors and reviews allow for business growth, assuring future clients with the same peace of mind you had when booking your vendors.

Bartending Staff

Standard | If there is a tip jar, there is not usually an additional tip given unless they did an exceptional job.

$50-$100 per person, unless there is a tip jar

Catering Service Staff

Standard | Tips go directly to your day-of staff and help supplement their income.*Not including service costs.

18-20% of food cost

Hair and Make-Up Artists

Standard | This is often included, double check your contract.

15-20% of service fee

Wedding Coordinator or Planner

Standard | The amount tipped is contingent on the level of service you have booked.

$200-$1000 or 10% of planning package

Floral Designer

Optional | The amount you tip is contingent on the level of installation your florist is performing.


Photography + Videography

Optional | If you have multiple photographers, it is common that the main photographer will receive more than the second photographer. Some couples choose to send a tip after receiving their gallery or video.


Ceremony Musician

Optional | If you’re tipping in this category, smaller bills make it easier for distribution among the musicians.

$25 per musician


Optional | We typically see the higher end of the spectrum if your DJ is also providing lighting, GOBOs, Uplights, etc.



Optional | Keep in mind there is not only the band, but crew members involved in set-up/breakdown (i.e. Sound Engineer, etc.)

$25 -$50 per musician


Optional | If you have multiple shuttles, consider multiple envelopes so these can be handed directly to the driver.

$50 – $100 per driver


Optional | This goes to the person who delivers your cake to your venue.

$20-$50 per driver

Rental Delivery Crew, A/V & Lighting

Optional | This goes to the person who delivers your rentals to your venue. Consider that you could have multiple rental companies and multiple delivery crews.

$20-$50 per crew member


Optional | If you have multiple security guards, please separate their tips into individual envelopes.

$20-$50 per security guard

Venue Personnel

Optional | If you have worked closely with someone at your venue or would like to tip the manager for their assistance throughout the entire process.


Hired Officiant

Optional | If you have hired an officiant, consider tipping them for their support in creating your ceremony and for their work day-of.


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